General Maintenance Tips For Your RV – Motor Coach – Trailer

Roof:  Inspect your roof at least once a year. Clean off any loose material.
Frame: Normal road use will eventually chip away at the factory-protected underside of your trailer frame. Check the underside of your frame at least once a year and repair any chips with an automotive under coating or matching paint. This protection helps prevent rust and deterioration of the trailer frame. An auto supply store is a good source for the under coating.
Floor: To protect your plywood floor, promote long life and make cleaning easier, it is recommended that you paint it with an oil-based enamel paint.
Exterior skin: Treat your trailer with the same care as you do your car. Use a mild, non-detergent soap, such as an auto wash, and protect with an automotive-type wax. An auto supply store can provide the appropriate products. Don’t use dish washing soap. These products can remove some of the wax protection on your trailer.
Aluminum rims: Your aluminum rims are clear-coated for lasting protection. Use only gentle cleaning agents on your rims. Never use a cleaner that is lye or acid-based. These will damage the finish. An auto supply store can guide you to the right products.

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