ASA Excellence

“The Automotive Service Association (ASA) advances professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry through education, representation and member services. Since 1951, the Automotive Service Association (ASA) has been the leading organization for owners and managers of automotive service businesses that strive to deliver excellence in service and repairs to consumers” (

Count on Us to Get the Job Done

A Glimpse of Our ASA Code Guidelines

In order to be apart of ASA, the business needs to follow certain guidelines. So, when you bring in a vehicle to Ward Motor Clinic you can trust that they will do the following:

  • Have quality work at a reasonable price, including:
    • Getting in writing authorization from the customer for the work done
    • Having an itemized list for the cost of each part and service when the service is completed on an invoice (which will also list if anything was done under warranty)
  • Giving the customer a price estimate when requested
  • Use reliable parts to do repairs
  • Have well trained mechanics who are able to explain and advise customers what is needed to fix the problem they are having verses what will be for preventive maintenance
  • Treat our customers with respect and the best possible care

Understand Why you should care

about Ward Motor being a Part of ASA

  • Ward Motor will put your needs above all else, making sure to gain your trust. In fact, “An average of 78 percent of customers are repeat customers” (
  • ASA means that the repairs and service being done to your vehicle are being done by a company with years of experience.
  • Ward Motor follows the ASA’s Code of Ethics to ensure professionalism along with quality.
  • Given their experience and training, Ward Motor will have accurate diagnosis and repairs.
  • Knowing your business is being done with a company that has “access to more than 35 association benefits, including the latest technical and management education, as well as regulatory information” (

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